Welcome to our library section where we provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the teaching and learning needs of Oceanic Greenfield Academy. The library is open to all students and staff. There are also rules to be followed pertaining lending and borrowing of books at the library. The library promotes and maintains a wide variety of quality services that will support the teaching and encourage optimal use of the information resources.

The library is a place where the children and staff of Oceanic Greenfield Academy can read, study,  relax and research. It also accommodates children who need a quiet place to do their prep. Our aim is to develop in the children a love of books and to encourage reading, which will, in turn, improve literacy skills including the skills needed to do research


The librarian is a member of the school staff members and  is actively involved in learning processes. The librarian provides relevant resources (books and other resources) for use by students and teachers to ensure that the most effective learning takes place.


Many of our teachers are incorporated in the professional and personal characteristics of the Performance Appraisal System for Teachers.

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Strive for Excellence


Our Core values: • We are the specialist in primary  education with a holistic approach to …

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